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Spring Registration Continues

Our classes are designed to provide you with a collection of unique online learning opportunities. To get started, click on an area of interest below or scroll down to see all classes. When you click on a class, a new page will open with class information. If you wish to participate, complete the registration process on that page. We hope you enjoy your learning experience.

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Online Classes Guidelines

  • To participate in an online class, you must be able to open an email, click on the class link and access the class from your own personal computer/tablet.
  • At least a day before the class starts, we will email a specific class link to you. When you receive that email, open it and click on that link to join the class and enjoy your online learning experience.
  • FCC is unable to provide individual technical support before or during these classes.
  • Should you experience technical difficulties and not be able to access the course, please contact us.
  • Only registered participants (those who have paid the class fee and are officially on the class roster) may join the applicable online class.

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If you have questions, please contact us at (301) 846-2561 or email Enjoy your class!